Aleksandrovskiy residential compound

Aleksandrovskiy residential compound

The residential compound is implemented as part of Petrovskaya Sloboda, the integrated area development project in the center of Petrozavodsk.

Location: 1, Kalinina ul., Petrozavodsk, The Republic of Karelia. Overall floor area: 17 126, 72 sq. m. Size of the land plot: 21 198 sq. m.

Aleksandrovskiy residential compound is the first residential compound within Petrovskaya Sloboda project implemented in the historical and cultural center of Petrozavodsk in the quiet neighborhood behind the city park with the view on the Lake Onega. The compound includes three five-storey buildings: Western, Eastern and Southern – a landscaped space and spacious parking. The first stage was the service in 2016, 2018 - sold out.

Project completed.